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Top 8 push..Top 6 Dream

Submitted by Ozo on Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Win all the remaining fixtures (nowt to it, just ask George Reynoldswink), fourth place is achievable with  83 points. Which would mean exemption to the first round proper of the FA Vase next season. Which would be nice.

Mind, Stockton just proved you can start off in the second qualifying round and get to the final! Of course it wasn't easy, went to extra time three times, but that's OK.

When I said that 4th place was achievable with 83 points, I admit to having a surfeit of great expectation, but I wasn't too far off, it has been achieved with 79 points!  

Could we equal our best ever finish of 4th again.

Interesting week ahead.

With 4th place in the bag and a (admittedly slight) chance of finishing 3rd this has been a very successful season. Now the hard work begins to try and emulate it next season. Hopefully with a good measure of success in the FA Vase, which for me means at least a semi-final place. No pressure lads! devil