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Admission Charges

Submitted by el Queso Grande on Friday, 21 June 2019


This is on the home page, do the advertised prices still apply? No date on the announcement.


Value for money and excitement with the Northern League Division 1 in Ryhope. The standard admission prices for highly competitive Northern League football are £6.00 and £4.00 for concessions. Non-standard prices may apply to particular games and will be announced in advance. Season tickets are £70 and £50 concessions, unchanged from last season, but please note that, because of changes in FA rules, these no longer include FA Cup and FA Vase games. Sunderland RCA is a family friendly club: new fans and spectators are always welcome and entry for accompanied children is free.

The admission prices and season ticket prices remain the same.

Please note that season tickets are only valid for League matches and are not valid for any cup matches.

I trust this answers your query.



That is champion! I have been saving up for mine since the end of the season and now just need to put by £1.55 a week from my pension to get the requisite amount together  By the beginning of August wink

You Know it makes sense and your credit is good with this club. Although not sure what Defty would say if you asked for a pint on credit. smileywink