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View from the cemetery - April 2019

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Well, I didn’t expect us to lose at Guisborough! By my reckoning that makes it ten points dropped this season against the sides that are likely to make up the bottom three at the finish. As inexplicable as you can get, especially when contrasted with our good form against the top sides. It’s a funny game alright. Still, it’s a good season whatever happens now, and hopefully next year we will have fewer injuries to contend with. I think that has been a big factor, just seems like it’s been hard to get settled very often.

Congratulations to Dunston on winning the league and heading up to the Evostik East for next season. They have been clearly the best team, and they have the structure to progress further through the divisions. And they are good lads as well, so the very best of luck to them. I am tempted to add congratulations on winning their League next season as well, because I reckon they will be well deserved red hot favourites to follow Morpeth and Shields straight through to the Evostik Premier. Maybe it will be us next!

No game for us last week, so no doubt many were part of the exodus down to Wembley. Looked like a good night out the night before, although I’m not sure I would spend all night in Trafalgar Square, no matter how bright the flares. No doubt the price of a pint in that there London kept a good few sightseeing when they could have been on the lash. And I thought overall Sunderland were unlucky to not win the game in ninety minutes, very bad miss, or failure to get there, by Grigg in the first minute and then the keeper, who is normally a good act, at fault for their equaliser. They played well though, and were bound to be under the cosh a bit defending a one goal lead in the second half. Still, a good response in the following week, which is just as well, because given their record, you wouldn’t fancy their chances if they end up in the play offs. I noticed their were a few idiots saying that Ross should be sacked, what can you say?

The FA Cup finalists were sorted over ‪the weekend‬ as the two semis were played, to rightful universal derision aimed at the FA for insisting that the games be played at Wembley, so we know that what, once upon a time, was the showpiece and highlight of the season, will be played by Man City against Watford. Actually, not a bad match up. I’m probably not alone in hoping that Watford, led by the hard nosed Troy Deeney, will turn over the moneybags of Citeh. Watford were down and gone before a last minute revival led by Deeney saw them home. Anybody who loves football loves the likes of Deeney, nasty, indomitable and with a will to win that turns better players to mushy peas. My sort of player.