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View from the cemetery - November 2018

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Sunday, 18 November 2018

Very good little run out to Garstang the other week I am told, bonny little town, good pubs and beer, very good RCA away support, and a good club enjoying their first ever Vase run. Sounds like a fairly typical RCA performance as well, completely on top in the first half, loads of chances and four goals before the break, game won, then a full scale wobble, followed by settling things late on. Still, can’t complain about 6-2 away. Pity the next round is Shildon, shame for the league to have one of us certainly going out, an inevitable result of the geographical grading system used by the FA. I am not sure that cries of fix are true, but it certainly sways things away from the Northern League. And a bit worrying for us as there is no doubt Shildon are just about our number one bogey side over the past few years. Nearly always problems when we go there, players injured or some such, so let’s hope this time we are full strength or near enough. If we are then there is no need to worry about Shildon, only need to worry what state of mind we will turn up in. If we have our full cup tie fighting head on then Bob’s your uncle. They beat us at Meadow Park earlier this season, but that was more than a bit unlucky; they defended for their lives then hit us on the break. Fair enough, but I don’t think they will be able to play like that at home in a Vase tie, their numerous and vocal fans wouldn’t stand for it, and toe to toe I fancy us strong.

Away from the Vase who knows where we will end up this season in the league. We certainly haven’t played as well so far this term as we finished last, but even so I’m not sure how we have managed to lose six games already, given our form against the better sides. It's a funny old game.

Our friends over at the SoL seem to have things under control now. I’m quite impressed with this Jack Ross guy. Gives a very good impression, always looks calm whether in a press conference or on the sidelines and, unlike nearly every other professional manager, he seems to understand the value of substitutes and getting them on early when he needs to make a change. Most managers wait until the opposition score the goal they have been threatening then respond with a change. This guy tries to react before it becomes a problem. However, progress over in Monkwearmouth isn’t always good news for RCA. The more disgruntled of Sunderland the better some would say, gives them a chance to discover the joys of Meadow Park.

Highlight of the week on the telly was undoubtedly young Sterling tripping himself up, then getting a penalty for his troubles. Note to referees: if Raheem falls over it is almost certainly because he fell over his own feet. Has there ever been a clumsier top player? Does Kevin Kilbane count as a top player? Anyway he is a good player, Raheem I mean not Kevin, some of the time, but unsteady on his feet, very unsteady on his feet, always looks just about to go nose down. All adds to the entertainment. And god knows the Premier League needs something to add to the entertainment, even the Mags have cheered up a bit now, even if it is a flash in the pan. I remain confident that Citeh and Liverpool will fade, the mags sadly cling on, and Chelsea win the league, if you want to know, which you probably don’t.