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View from the cemetery - October 2018 - 2

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Saturday, 13 October 2018

Last weekend all was doom and gloom after a couple of losses, but as so often the wheel turns quickly. I thought our win over Whitley Bay was probably better than the bare form suggested. They were very quick and determined up front, excellent on the break, and it looked to me that they were probably a side on the way up and improving fast rather than on the slide. Don't know if I'm right, time will tell, but their good win last Saturday at Hebburn makes our result against them look good. Followed by another good win, albeit right at the death, down at Bishops. We haven't half got the voodoo going over them in recent seasons. Evidently Nath O'Neill managed to miss a sitter and get the winner, both in injury time. Still by all accounts now that they have a couple of capable and football wise Sunderland lads in charge they are looking a lot better. We have a good few of those if anybody is looking. They have struggled the last couple of seasons and from the outside it's difficult to work out why. Given the infrastructure and support they should be right there every season you would think, but it hasn't happened for a while. And one of the few clubs with a real desire to get promoted. It's a strange world.

Anyway let's worry about ourselves. Funny season so far, lots of wins and lots of defeats and now it is Vase time; against our old friends from Bridlington. What can we expect? I think we are slowly getting there, but this sounds like a good Bridlington team, who beat Consett in the last round, which is very decent form. So we need to be on our game today. At least it's at home, that schlepp across the moors is a pain. So let's hope we are not doing it on Tuesday night.

Elsewhere the mags continue on their entertaining way, super game against Man United the other night. Who can you rely on to get you 6/1 about Man United at half time and then make sure you collect? Only our friends in the north. I'm right behind this Rafalution me. But is Mr Ashley? Happy enough at the minute, all those fans protesting outside his shop then buying a pair of trainers while they are at it. Rumour has it his agents are suggesting protests outside House of Fraser, might sell the lads a few fur coats.