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Dates for the diary

Submitted by el Queso Grande on Monday, 21 May 2018


This year's Non-league Day will be on Saturday 13 October.

The dates of the various rounds of the FA Cup and FA Vase competitions will be posted here as soon as the ineluctable (With deference to Mr. Amos) FA gets it's collective finger out and decides to announce them.

The Northern League season starts on August 4 with the FA Cup Extra-Preliminary Round taking place on August 11. League fixtures will be released after any and all appeals onregarding promotion or relegation issues have been decided by the FA.

Don't hold your breath, folks.

The draw for the 1st round qualifying of The Buildbase FA Vase will be published on Friday 6 July. Sunderland RCA won't be included until the draw for the 1st round proper is made.

Round dates

First Round Qualifying Weekend of Saturday 1 September 2018

Second Round Qualifying Weekend of Saturday 15 September 2018

First Round Weekend of Saturday 13 October 2018

Second Round Weekend of Saturday 3 November 2018

Third Round Weekend of Saturday 1 December 2018

Fourth Round Weekend of Saturday 5 January 2019

Fifth Round Weekend of Saturday 2 February 2019

Quarter Final Weekend of Saturday 23 February 2019

Semi-Final first leg Saturday 16 March 2019

Semi-Final second leg Saturday 23 March 2019

The Final Sunday 20 May 2019

The draw for the extra preliminary round of the Emirates FA Cup will be published on Friday 6 July.

Round Dates

Extra Preliminary Round Weekend of Saturday 11 August 2018

Preliminary Round Weekend of Saturday 25 August 2018

First Round Qualifying Weekend of Saturday 8 September 2018

Second Round Qualifying Weekend of Saturday 22 September 2018

Third Round Qualifying Weekend of Saturday 6 October 2018

Fourth Round Qualifying Weekend of Saturday 20 October 2018

First Round Weekend of Saturday 10 November 2018

Second Round Weekend of Saturday 1 December 2018

Third Round Weekend of Saturday 5 January 2019

Fourth Round Weekend of Saturday 26 January 2019

Fifth Round Weekend of Saturday 16 February 2019

Quarter Final Weekend of Saturday 16 March 2019

Semi-Final Weekend of Saturday 6 April 2019

The Final Saturday 18 May 2019

you hadn't noticed, the home fixture against Ashington has been brought forward from March 23 to September 1 to fill the vacant Saturday caused by the CA not being involved in the first round qualifying of the FA Vase.

Also, it would appear that Team Northumbria, having "rebalanced their sports portfolio" (read that as "skint") have resigned from the Ebac Northern League, just a month before the beginning of the season. I am sure that the FA, now no doubt taking a well-earned rest from their travails after throwing the National Leagues System into disarray with the restructuring programme, will retain the status quo and insist on division 1 running with 19 clubs, rather than expend the extra effort needed to reinstate a couple of the relegated clubs.

Therefore, guys, the free Saturdays you will have available to take the wives out shopping are October 27 and March 16. With March 16 and March 23 (see above) already having been ring-fenced as the dates for the two legs of the semi-final of the FA Vase, the team has something to aim for smiley however, if that doesn't come off Swaz could just fit in an extra holiday cooldevil

I see the fixtures secretary has been up to his tricks again, grabbing handfuls of fixtures, chucking them up in the air and catching them. So, as expected by this correspondent, the Hebburn Town home fixture has been removed from October 13 (FA Vase first round proper day) and has replaced the Newton Aycliffe home fixture on September 22, the Aycliffe game now awaits our pleasure on March 23. Unless it's changed. Again.

Nobody has got around to changing these and other clubs' fixture changes on the league web site as yet. Probs waiting for the FA Cup draw later today. Or perhaps the button just isn't working.

Also, we now have a three week break over Christmas and New Year so the manager can get away to warmer climes. Well managed, Swazzle! devil

There is a TBA to be added to the fixtures list after the draw was made, on Tuesday, for the first round of the Durham County FA Challenge Cup.

Sunderland AFC v Sunderland RCA. To be played during week ending Saturday 27 October.

Will the hosts concede home advantage or will the game be played at Eppleton, one wonders? Last season they played a home game at Stockton Town, the intended visitors. Before that they staged the home tie against Hartlepool FC "behind closed doors" at Eppleton, to save on security costs. Allegedly.

Will they even withdraw from the competition, as has happened in the past? Time will tell, I suppose,

The draw will be made on Wednesday November 21st. The resulting ties will be played on December 11th or 12th.