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View from the Cemetery - September 2017 4

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Monday, 25 September 2017

So the double header against Shildon yielded no goals and no points. Disappointing, but not too surprising, given we are suffering a major injury crisis at present. It happens to everybody so no complaints, but it isn’t half frustrating. Having said that the general view was that over both games we did pretty well, except maybe in terms of taking the chances we had, and we did have a few in both games. It's funny how it works, but sometimes a bit of adversity can help in the long run. By all accounts nobody watching Luke Richardson hurling himself about with joyous abandon up front last Wednesday could have been less than impressed with this confirmed defender doing a turn as a striker. Apart from putting the ball in the net obviously. I jest, he did great. And on Saturday, among a lot of good performances, the cameo at left back from goalkeeper Jack Patton was a joy to watch, particular when he started telling his fellow defenders to get themselves out and sharpish! No, overall the spirit is great, but it looks like we might need some reinforcements, maybe including tonight. Will the boss have been on the case? Who knows.

Meanwhile back in the television world of sport the legend that is Woy may well be regretting his return to the big time down at the Palace. A bit misjudged I reckon is Woy, in as much as not everyone is as convinced as me of his absolute uselessness. By a miracle of serendipity and bad luck I found myself at the England v Iceland match last summer. And in a damn good seat as well. How unlucky was that? A game any remotely competent manager would have won in a canter against a severely limited Iceland, and that even allowing for the chronically useless Sterling on the pitch. Not old Woy though, he cruised to defeat with an air of calm detachment. Iceland had the best throw in taker I’ve seen in a long time, and that was just about enough against England. But who would have thought that as a direct consequence Sunderland would get relegated? Long overdue I know, but even so talk about insult to injury. Looks like he may be planning to give Palace a bit of the same treatment this season, which is some consolation. Now that old ‘Arry is back among the ranks of the unemployed, Woy is the main representative of the old school of English manager, and he obviously plans to go down in flames. On you go Woy my son.