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View from the Cemetery - September 2017

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Thursday, 31 August 2017

I see we had a visit from the esteemed former league chairman Mike Amos the other day, popping in after his mission to find the famous listed pigeon cree of Ryhope. I understand he was successful, though why anyone would want to spend time in shooting range of pigeons beats me. No, I said 'shooting' madam. Still more stuff for his blog which remains a very good read, though the proofreading is clearly non existent. Hopefully he enjoyed the game more than the earlier game of ours he saw this season, the defeat down at Marske, which he generously described as niggly and nasty. Probably fair comment. Still two visits to RCA games before August is out, we must be doing something right to attract the glitterati of the Northern League world.

I am writing this on transfer deadline day, or Harry Redknapp day as it is popularly known. Harry might struggle to top the news now he is scuffling about in Birmingham rather than in the top league, but he will still be on Sky at some point buying a Bolivian left back or some such. Have Sunderland or Newcastle done any good business? Will the fans be happy? Is Rafa staying? Three no’s to those questions methinks. A prolonged relegation battle on the cards I reckon at both clubs. Sunderland fair enough, the annual relegation tango continues, just in another league, but what is Ashley playing at? If he wants to sell the club you would think he would try and make it saleable. There is no doubt Benitez knows what he is doing so a little bit of support might bring big rewards you would think. But what do I know?

On a non football matter I see Princess Diana is back in the news on the anniversary of her death. Was there ever anything stranger than the national breakdown that followed her accident? I thought the world had gone mad. Millions on the street, clapping a funeral, which was a new one on me at the time, and throwing flowers like they were at the ballet. It seemed to set a new tone for what is acceptable in public emotion that we still have. The biggest example in football is the new habit of a minute's applause rather than a minute's silence to mark a notable death, as practiced in some quarters, though not I am pleased to say hereabouts. There have sadly been too many memorial silences of late here at Meadow Park, but I can’t remember any that weren’t impeccably observed, or at the SoL for that matter. I think quiet beats noise in these circumstances.

Anyway enough of this downbeat talk, what about the magic of the Cup today? Fantastic isn’t it? We have been spoilt in the past couple of seasons with good cup runs, but not in the big one, so let's enjoy it while we can. Something over 300 clubs already knocked out and on little RCA go. Tough game today mind, Liversedge going well and will be right at it. Should be quite an occasion. Enjoy!