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Cemetery View - End of Season 2007-08 Special

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Saturday, 13 June 2009

Big games, big games. A final home league game with everything still to play for, followed by a semi final. Happy days. Me and the lads have ordered a new periscope in for the match today, don't want to miss this, bright green fence or no bright green fence. It takes me back a bit, haven't been this excited since that night our lass won a line up the Top Club. From the dark days into the light, it's been a long wait so let's hope we don't trip over these final few hurdles, he says optimistically. But why should we? Surely got enough off for Ryton, haven't we; not as if they beat us 5-0 a few weeks ago is it? Is it?

To more cheerful thoughts, where is the end of season do and why hasn't it been announced yet? Surely not because that dozy secretary nearly booked a club the day before it went bust, despite Ozo giving him the warning? He wouldn't be scraping round for an alternative at this late stage would he? Would he? You bet he would, looks like it could be a pie and pea night in the Farmers if you are lucky lads; what a way to celebrate the club's best season since the old King died. Mind, do not underestimate him, there could be a surprise up that sleeve, and what about this trip to Holland, is that organised yet? Or is he still waiting to see what happens? Draw your own conclusions.

At least the council have coughed up for some ground improvements or so I hear. New gatehouse, put that missing roof back on, tidy up the hardstanding, and more fencing. Not the green stuff I hope, let's take the club forward please. Does this mean they are having second thoughts about a new lease?

Whatever happens this week it will soon be back to the calm warm days of summer. Just the sound of the sprinkler to break the silence, I can't wait, missing you already...