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Cemetery View - March 2008

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Saturday, 13 June 2009

March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb; behopes thats not right then, cos it looks to me like lion fighting is the order of the day for the rest of this season if we want to get up.

Lot of tough games, most of them away, and no sign of Shields, Whickham, Thornaby or Ryton giving up just yet. And why are so many of these games away still to be played I hear you ask? From my useful vantage point over the home fence I will tell you why. Wind, rain, and dodgy pitches, that's why. Many people, me included, have been known to call the Meadow Park pitch, however, the lads have had ten games called off this season, but not one at home; credit where credit is due, those boys from the council might love the Welfare more than us, but they have done their bit down here this season. So a big hand for Derek Richardson, Keith and his lads, don't think we have even had to have a pitch inspection yet this term, well done!

Mind, I don't suppose anybody was complaining when the game at Penrith was called off on Tuesday night. Blowing a gale, raining, and riding in a mini bus over the A66, swaying about all over the road, driver too busy talking too watch where he is going, and only knows two speeds, flat out and stop. They tell me now it has been called off twice the league can give us home advantage, don't hold your breath. Sighs of relief all round, especially from the driver, who, so I hear, might well have spent the afternoon watching Cheltenham instead; the working class can kiss my ....

Back to playing matters; tough game against Norton from what I could see, blowing a gale and both sides played better up the hill and into the wind; and has that centre forward had his feet welded to the ground? 6' 3" or something daft, and he jumps 5'10". Notching a good few though, keep this up and we might even have a second division leading goalscorer at the club; now I bet that hasn't been done, not even in my day, go on my son, Defty can afford it...