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Cemetery View - February 2008

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Saturday, 13 June 2009

The boys over the fence are certainly looking forward to the Esh game, seems like, err, a lifetime since we saw some action round here. And looking forward to the game despite everybody in here having wet feet at the minute. A problem with the drainage? I should say so, Defty is walking around shaking his head every day, that top corner is damp alright.

Still, the Thornaby game was good, those lads will take points off a few people for us I have no doubt, and I hear good things about the trip to Guisborough, a gutsy display, and eight off the belt can't be bad. Some bad things as well though, with the boy Owens and Hicker doing Keith Harris and Orville impressions and the ref, who some reckon was doing Frank Carson impressions himself, taking a dim view. It sounds like this upcoming zero tolerance campaign could cause Hicker a few nightmares. Some wise old bird reckoned he was mellowing a couple of games ago; don't think so, only when we are winning, and winning well, and the officials are getting it right or agreeing with him, which amounts to the same thing, he says. Speaking of ventriloquism, which somebody over there must be, if you ever get the chance to see Roger De Courcey and Nookie Bear don't miss it, talk about they died laughing...

Some funny rumours going around about ground "improvements" to be taking place over the next few weeks. Not an improvement as far as I'm concerned if I can't see the game, and we won't be able to if they fill in the fence. League rules apparently for the First Division possibles, even dead men can't see a game for nowt! And shy refs need not just their own loo, but far away from prying eyes, funny that from what some say are a bunch of exhibitionists normally; I don't agree of course, trappists to a man, IMO.

Regular visits from the council suits nowadays, which is always entertaining, they don't like to travel alone those lads do they? But will anything happen? Tell me the club is finally going to put in for planning permission for the new clubhouse next week, do you think that might rattle a few cages? I only ask...