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Cemetery View - November 2006

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Saturday, 13 June 2009

A win, a win at last! And against a team who had just won three off the belt. When the woodwork was rattled twice I thought it was going to be the same old story but no, a good cross, a good header, ten minutes scary defending and there you are, three points, and fifty quid for half a 'Performance of the Week' award because Whitley Bay feel sorry for us. Not sure we should be happy about that, but we'll have the money thanks.

Then somebody turned the lights off at Thornaby, which gets a suspension out of the way and gives a couple of sore hamstrings a precious few extra days, are things looking up I wonder? Well, three games in seven days over the next week should tell that tale.

Plenty of upheaval in the league right now, so a good time to go on a bit of a run, let's go for it!

Enough enthusiastic optimism already, back to basics, so where does Harry find these army teams from to play the young'uns? Funniest looking under 18's I've ever seen, the little corporal at the back had three grandbairns watching!

What was the big do like? Bit difficult for me and my mates to get there obviously, but it sounded like a good night. I remember Paddy Crerand when he could play, or at least could pick his mates well; here you George, go and have a run about with this, and Denis will put it in the net when you get bored, or spot a bird in the crowd. I reckon I could have played for that Man. U side!

Onwards and upwards.