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Cemetery View - October 2006

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Saturday, 13 June 2009

George Kinnell, I don’t think this was in the fat lad's plans!

Rock bottom, and gazing up the league. In some ways it wouldn’t be so bad if we were getting murdered every week, but it seems like it’s always the same old story, last minute screamer, or header from needlessly conceded corner, takes points away to somewhere murky in the backwaters of the North East, while assorted traveling fans celebrate in the clubhouse. Hard to take, but at least the takings are up.

Good crowds as well, is this people from the CW happy to see us get beat, or would there be even more if we were winning? Lets try and find out, eh?

Who moved those signs? We know but we’re not telling just yet. Only need say on top of everything else, now we have neighbours with screwdrivers to deal with. And the new gate isn’t popular either; clever move that, putting a gate in with no path to it, and then never opening it anyway.

New faces clearly needed, and two there for the Esh game, looked like canny defenders as well, and maybe more to come. Through it all the skinny kid up front has been scoring anyway, so if we tighten up we should start to get somewhere. Here’s hoping!