View from the cemetery

View from the Cemetery - January 2015 - Part 2

So, will we finally see some action down at Meadow Park this Saturday? The workers don't seem too confident, that's for sure, much shaking of heads and the occasional expletive, not deleted. It does look a bit of a mess and no mistake, not helped by the boy racer tendencies of the tractor drivers if you ask me, some nice tracks and turn marks, in fact the source of the expletives more often than not. Looks like it is very weather dependent, not a comforting thought in January. But if it stays reasonably dry, and if they can get a decent bit of rolling done regularly, well then the lads might have a very nice patch of mud to play on. Not grass admittedly, but even so. But if it turns and stays wet then off the boys go on their travels I guess. Not much use to us up here....

View from the Cemetery - January 2015

New year, New problems? Doesn't look like it. So now us locally bound fans can't even see the home games? Bit harsh. Although we can see the problem, or problems I should say, it’s easy enough from our viewpoint. Lot of damp, and a lot of tractor marks. Keep hearing optimistic noises, but it looks a small, but persistent problem to me. If we get the drain sorted, can we make the grass grow? Not before May or so methinks. And it has to rain or snow some time. Could be a long running sore this. And not what we need, what with having about a million games in hand of our rivals now. A difficult piece of maths this; do you take six games in hand for a four point deficit? Pretty easy that one, if you don't think you can make up that kind of gap then you are giving up; and even more so eight games in hand for five points. Then it starts to gets interesting. Six games for eight points? Yes, I guess so, if you can't beat a point a game then there isn't much hope either. But moving on, six games for fourteen points? Tough ask, be safe and sound by a long way if we do that. So an interesting little set of scenarios at the very least. The fixtures have a long way to unwind as well. Most of our rivals to play again, and Synners to play twice, could be game changers, and they don't look like they are despairing that’s for sure.

Anyway off we go, with an away day for a home game this week, should be fun, nice place, if you can find your way through the car park. Enjoy it all....

View from the Cemetery - December 2014 - Part 2

How sad to miss out on a trip over to Carlisle on the Saturday before Christmas, no doubt have to swap it for a Wednesday night in January, oh joy... [The Ghostly Gadgie is too pessimistic: we are away to Celtic Nation on Saturday, 7 March, 3:00pm kick off.]

Still, who could not be excited by the win in the big game? Some slight compensation for those of us who still follow, at a distance, our City's other club. Four wins off the belt in the most important game in English football for the first time ever. Or is it the most important? Maybe it’s just quite a sad little event between two sides of little account in the game. Only saying. But never mind what the world thinks, we like it, especially when the good lads win. Did I miss it, or did anybody punch a horse?

View from the Cemetery - December 2014

Excellent win on the road, just like the good old days. Bit of a masterstroke moving the ginger Eto from back to front. Is this going to be one of those proverbial seasons of two halves? Or maybe a third and two thirds to be pedantic. I certainly hope so. Could have scored ten, should have scored six, happy to score three, was the way I heard it. Still, let's not be greedy, small steps, journey of a thousand miles and all that...

25 games to go, and that well known football sage Ozo of the Board Inn thinks the target should be another 37 points. Ten wins, seven draws and eight defeats or thereabouts. Likes a challenge that lad, but still, it pays to be ambitious. Let’s get those around us well and truly in our sights first I say. Anyway, lots of keen young lads all running around and what have you, so what’s not to like?

View from the Cemetery - November 2014 - Part 4

When I was more mobile my other sporting interest was in the horses. Principally slow horses, although of course I didn't realise they were slow when I backed them. But a little news item the other day reminded me of those happy days. Evidently in a race down at Sedgefield during the week a man waved the wrong flag at some vital moment, and as a consequence of some arcane rule the race was declared void some fifteen minutes after it was all over. And what happens when a race is declared void? Well, all bets, winners or losers, are off and all you have to do is take your ticket back to the bookie or Tote and get your money back. That will be the ticket you threw in the bin or on the floor of course when your horse got beat. Much fun and games ensued I'm told. Bins were upended, floors searched and much weeping and wailing was heard. Wish I'd been there.

View from the Cemetery - November 2014 - Part 3

It’s turning into a funny old season isn't it? A bad start, a big upturn in form, followed by a major injury crisis, and all to the backdrop of a non-stop run of cup ties. Including a jolly old Vase run. So do the cup ties help or hinder? I wouldn't swear to it, or anything else of course in this league, but on balance I think they are helping. Lots of games and no more points yet, but a good chance for the new management to get things sorted, and with plenty of games in reserve. Not the same as points I grant you, but let’s be positive. And the balance of league games has been strange, only 15 played, but we have already played West and Guisborough home and away, plus several of the other current top sides, and have a crucial run of winnable league games to come after today’s diversion on the road to Wembley. Not a bad thing the Vase though, should be a decent few in today. Just don't stand in my way please, our view is restricted enough, thank you very much...

View from the Cemetery - November 2014 - Part 2

I see the concern over the ludicrous decision to go to Quatar for a World Cup is still bubbling away, did FIFA really think they could get away with this one? Evidently yes, Mr Blatter did. And who is to say he is wrong? It's an interesting fact that very often the only talent you need to rise far through bureaucratic organisations is a limitless supply of what is in Yiddish called Chutzpah. Chutzpah is variously defined as "the quality of audacity, insolence or cheek" or my favourite, "unmitigated effrontery or impudence". Can't help thinking of old Sepp can you? Do you remember his speech when making the announcement? Lots of guff about sportsmanship and the importance of being good losers, all while looking intently at Bobby Charlton, Geoff Hurst and Prince William in the front stalls. Bet he walked backstage and said he thought that went well. Mind, if it happens, which I continue to doubt, it will at least be too hot and alcohol too expensive for there to be much in the way of bother. Unlike Russia. That will be fun. England supporters versus Russian fascists and the Spetsnaz. Could be a close run thing...


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