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Sunderland RCA on Facebook

Submitted by Liam Dufferwiel on Thursday, 20 May 2010

To make contact with supporters, both current and prospective, in the local area and throughout the city, Sunderland RCA has created a Facebook group and page. Through Facebook we will attempt to market ourselves to people who have an interest in football, at any level, but may not currently know about the club.

Football is very important to people in this region. For the city to have a strong Non-League presence marketing tools like Facebook can be crucial to connecting with people within the city as a free form of advertising for fixtures, news and events.

Please join Sunderland RCA on Facebook and invite as many people as possible. Word of mouth is a very powerful device and even a small percentage of replies could improve our crowd attendances next season.

Sunderland RCA Facebook group:

Sunderland RCA Facebook page:

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