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View from the cemetery - December 2015 - 2

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Saturday, 5 December 2015

I used to know a girl by name of Elsie; no, I’m sorry, wrong song. I meant to say “and throughout it all I ate it up and spat it out”, contradictory lines from the signature tune of the 20th Century’s greatest vocalist, Francis Albert Sinatra. And leaving aside a few million dollars or so I think old Frank is quite a good metaphor for our bold lads. We certainly do it our way. Usually second best for most of the game, and usually run out winners. Frank couldn’t act much, but he won an Oscar. Although last week by all accounts, and by the result, was a bit different from usual for us. Second best and got beat, sounds like old times. Many old times. Let's hope they are not coming back. I don’t think so, there is a resilience about these boys that I like a lot. Probably wasn’t a bad time to end this unbeaten run of heavily disputed length anyway, lots of games against good sides to come, a tough Vase game amongst them, so let's get another run started I say. I may be optimistic.

Frank was also often accused of dodgy acquaintances and thuggish tendencies, not something you can say about us I think, proper gentlemen I would say, albeit in a somewhat rough and ready way, always polite and take it on the chin. But I hear whispers the higher ups don’t agree, a discordant element upsetting our betters it looks like they think. Secret snoopers on full alert. They should have been in that pub in Yarm the other week. That would have boiled their proverbial. Probably bollocks anyway, I’m sure they think we are the Corinthian Casuals of the Northern League. Still, a nice conspiracy theory is handy to keep you warm through the winter.

And in the wider sporting world? Or at least the North East sporting world. Sunderland win two in six days, not something anyone would expect, and the Mags are a complete and utter shambles, again not something anyone would ... I’m sorry I’ll rewind that bit. Looks like curtains for old top knot McClaren doesn’t it? It has all gone spectacularly wrong in the space of six months or so, Easter last year and Derby were going like Cloughie was still in charge, and since then, bump, and his good fortune carried on into this year with the hapless of Tyneside. They do look in a mess don’t they? How much more will old Mike be willing to throw at them? If nothing it looks bleak...

Old Allardici of Rome or Bolton however is doing OK and no mistake, three wins out of six games, keep this up and we could be talking Europe...