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View from the Cemetery - November 2014 - Part 3

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Saturday, 22 November 2014

It’s turning into a funny old season isn't it? A bad start, a big upturn in form, followed by a major injury crisis, and all to the backdrop of a non-stop run of cup ties. Including a jolly old Vase run. So do the cup ties help or hinder? I wouldn't swear to it, or anything else of course in this league, but on balance I think they are helping. Lots of games and no more points yet, but a good chance for the new management to get things sorted, and with plenty of games in reserve. Not the same as points I grant you, but let’s be positive. And the balance of league games has been strange, only 15 played, but we have already played West and Guisborough home and away, plus several of the other current top sides, and have a crucial run of winnable league games to come after today’s diversion on the road to Wembley. Not a bad thing the Vase though, should be a decent few in today. Just don't stand in my way please, our view is restricted enough, thank you very much...

And I don't like to boast but my recent piece about the old Quatar fiasco looks right on the button I reckon. Turns out its all our fault according to Sepp. Now, I'm no apologist for the FA, manifestly couldn't run a drinking session in the proverbial, managed to spend god knows how many millions in the World Cup bidding round to acquire a total of two votes, and allow themselves to be set up by Jack Warner to play a friendly in Trinidad along the way, but corrupt? Incompetent, gormless and cack handed, yes, yes, indeed yes, but corrupt? Not in the way old Sepp and his mates understand the term.