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View from the Cemetery - February 2013 - Part 2

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Another good win on the road, up at Bedlington, what is it with this club? I spend hours peering over that fence, and then miss all the good action all over the North East. It's deadist, that's what I reckon. And they reckon it was a good game at Bedlington, got quite lively in the second half, hopefully the secret snooper was elsewhere that day. But no doubt the Whitley Bay and Hebburn games will be different. (And it certainly was on Tuesday night, 6-2 indeed, where did that come from? 5-0 down in half an hour! Still at least we won the second half...)

It will be a different team I bet anyway, every week sees more changes at the minute, and more bodies added. Mind, looks like we will need everybody we can get with the way the fixtures are piling up. Thursdays and Mondays indeed; Monday is a quiet night in, everybody knows that, and Thursday is quiz night for some people, what will certain wives have to say? Not "have a nice night pet", that's for sure. And there are a lot worse off than us. Will Darlo win the league on the back of Spenny's fixture pile up? Will clubs have to play on Vase final day? When do the summer holidays start? Will it be as bad next year or can the numbers in the league be reduced? I'm sorry, I don't know. Could see some interesting sides turned out though, managers and physios on the subs bench, boys of 16 making their one and only Northern League appearance and boasting of it for the next fifty years; "Yes, played in the Northern League, me." You can see it coming, I've met a few like that over the years, ten minutes as a sub for somebody in 1962, and the way they tell it, darts and dominoes gain was Man U's loss, and he wishes he had done the Reds a favour after all, old Sir Matt was devastated he wouldn't go, but he had a good job in the bank, and he didn't fancy Manchester; but it got that Best kid a chance, and he did all right...