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View from the cemetery - September 2018 - 3

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Saturday, 29 September 2018

Busy football week, starting with a whirlwind performance against Hebburn. Top class stuff in the first half hour, and Hebburn never got over the shock. Excellent. And speaking about a shock, what about Gee’s creche? Who knew our irascible if lovable coach was a child care expert on the side? Pagey says he has to bring his bairns to the match, no problem says Gee, I’ll look after the young ones. Changed his mind after an hour or so though; Luke scores, gets hooked, and has his children returned pronto. Ruthless. Still might be a good idea, must be lots of footballers who have childcare problems, this could be Gee’s big chance to shine.

Tuesday night brought a defeat in the Ryhope derby; is it the first ever derby win by our neighbours in a competitive match? Certainly the first I can remember, not that there can have been too many until recent times. Usually in different leagues for most of our history, and most often meeting in the Alan Thompson game pre season, which doesn’t really count, although its a handsome trophy. Guess there might be a County or Charity Cup match somewhere back in time, have to ask Joe Dixon or Keith Stoker I reckon. Anyway, a well deserved win for Ryhope CW from what I hear, and in front of a very decent crowd by all accounts. Good for both clubs for it to be to and fro in these games, and some recompense for the CW for our earlier win in the FA Cup. We will get a chance for revenge later this season.

I see we have a very interesting draw for RCA in the County Cup, away to Sunderland, those giants of the third division. Will we be off to the Stadium of Light? Probably not. Don’t know where it will be played, but an interesting outing to look forward to, Eppleton possibly, or maybe tie reversed? Let us wait and see.

Couple of home games which look winnable on paper coming up. Shildon and Whitley Bay, its hard to imagine in years gone by that we would be favourites to win those games, but there you go. Must be doing some things right. Definitely doesn’t mean we will win of course. Difficult to plot a form line after Tuesday to be fair. Still six points in the next few days and where will we be? Frightening.

What about the wider sporting world? Mourinho looks like he is in trouble, mostly self inflicted as usual. He goes through this kind of routine everywhere, though he normally manages a bit of very expensive success before falling out with fans, players, reporters, directors and the rest, and flouncing off into the distance. Looks like he is getting into full flounce mode a bit earlier with the Manchester masses, scattered as they are from Florida to Shanghai and all corners in between. Except for Manchester itself of course. Citeh!