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View from the cemetery - October 2017

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Saturday, 7 October 2017

Well, will we win another game this season? Come to that, will we be able to get a team on the pitch? Been an interesting few games, you have to admit. Close run thing against an excellent Shildon side, then the night of the fog against Morpeth followed by the antics of the North Shields Ultras on our annual much anticipated visit to the Meadow Well. Shildon second time round fair enough. They were the better side on the day, but we pushed them hard and I for one was quite impressed by the effort the lads put in, especially in the difficult injury circumstances. So, what was your view of Morpeth? Could you see them at all? I thought the referee got it right in the end, but he didn’t half cause himself some grief with the long delay. It was clearly, or not, marginally playable as the game began and nothing much changed between then and the eventual call off, except of course Morpeth scored two goals so felt not a little annoyed to head back to Northumberland with nothing to show for their trip. But as I say I think he got it right in the end. Although as always happens with these sea fogs as the night draws on it was lifting nicely as people left the ground. Hopefully we can make it even worse for them next time.

North Shields was an interesting day out I understand. Our new goal keeper obviously had some history with the North Shields fans, not even sure what it was myself, but by jove they don’t like him much, and make it plain. A torrent of abuse was aimed at him throughout the game, of a type you rarely if ever hear elsewhere in the Northern League, and from 10 year olds up to those much older. It apparently reached a crescendo at the end of the game as the players left the field, with fans rushing over and a couple of stewards bravely holding the mob back. Not on really you have to say. Maybe the league will take a view.

Finally a word about Freddie Shepherd who died last week. A big player with the Mags in their glory years, overseeing the ground development and big name signings. It all ended in tears of course as much in Newcastle does, and it is always important to remind them they won nothing, but to be fair this little city of ours could use somebody with a bit of his passion and imagination, whether in football or elsewhere. A proper football man whatever your loyalties, we could certainly do with a few more like him, rather than the array of shysters from across the globe that the big game attracts nowadays. RIP.