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View from the Cemetery - September 2017 2

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Monday, 11 September 2017

So does death count as a disability? More to the point will it count as a concession down at Scarborough next Saturday? I suppose not. I can't miss this one, even in my state, but have you seen the price of getting in? I can't be climbing over walls. Good job the club are putting on dead cheap transport to get there. If you see what I mean. Still we mustn't grumble, has football in Ryhope ever been in such good nick? Not for a long long time I guess. Both clubs going well in the League, the CW tonking Guisborough in the Vase the other day and our bold boys well on the way to Wembley in the big boys cup. Yes, this old cemetery is just about the centre of the football world right now. Can it last? It's only September after all. Enjoy it while it's there is my advice, you never know what's round the corner. He said optimistically.

Anyway what about the wider football world? Many think Sunderland are already in a "relegation battle". They maybe being optimistic about the battle bit. I jest, it's early days of course.

And Mr Klopp thinks his lad Mane was unlucky on Saturday. Not, one is bound to say, as unlucky as the keeper he hoofed in the mouth, but let's not quibble. Still can't argue with 5 - 0 in my humble, and Citeh certainly look very strong. Much as they did this time last year, winning a boatload before folding up as it got colder. No, not Citeh for the title for me. The Reds of Salford methinks, Mourinho the pragmatic to beat Guardiola the artist I reckon, with the others trailing in his wake. Decisive and ugly 1-0 wins at White Hart Lane, Anfield and others to trump occasional 6-0 thrashings of the numerous Premier League whipping boys is my bet. And back Athletico in the Champions League.