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View from the cemetery - March 2017

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Friday, 17 March 2017

Feels like it might be a bit of a slog from now to the end of the season, a good few still to play and most of them away, and nothing to play for except pride and league position. And what does pride come before? Correct at the back. This sounds a bit pessimistic, which is not really fair. I think our form has been reasonably decent since we slipped out of the Vase, a few good wins and some close defeats, including the obligatory couple of three two losses. Up at Morpeth the other night our old friend the shaven headed Irishman notched his usual goal against us, and the Tasmanian devil from Pennywell known as Joe Walton got another. Although he was remarkably quiet on the night was Joe, no ranting and raving at all, he must have been right off colour. Always been one of my favourites has Joseph. Him and Scotty Richards. Anyway what is it with our old boys? Rasher does it every time, and Closey usually scores his only goals of the season against us. Thankfully he has moved on from today's opponents, otherwise I would fear the worst. And Sparky was banned on Wednesday which was probably just as well. My spies though tell me it was a good game, good possession by Morpeth versus excellent attacking on the break from our bold lads. Missed a few chances I hear which could have made a difference, and suffered from the old last minute of the half problem for Morpeth’s equaliser. In this case the 49th minute of the first half, which makes it feel worse. But a good show against a top side, well done boys.

Elsewhere what is happening? Defoe recalled for England, eh? Probably a cunning plan to ensure he gets injured and knocks the final nail in the SoL coffin I reckon. Some player mind. Along with many I hadn’t realised quite how good he is until he turned up hereabouts, but as I say, some player. Makes you wonder who does the scouting for the so called big clubs. Could Arsenal use him? Or Mourinho? Yes, in both cases, but instead we are allowed to swap Jozy Altidore for him. Amazing. So, will the big boys over the river escape yet again? Surely not? Well, I think maybe.

In the wider sporting world the gloss is coming off our cyclists and no mistake. Turns out we may have had a selection of large needles, bike riders for the use of, after all. As my regular readers will know I am no fan of Olympic sports and our relentless pursuit of medals, achieved nowadays by the simple method of throwing lots of money at sports the Kenyans and Ethiopians can’t afford the gear for. Posh boys and girls on bikes, in boats and on horses. Not my idea of amateur competition. Or am I being naive?