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View from the cemetery - February 2017 - 2

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Thursday, 16 February 2017

Woe, woe and thrice woe, as the old soothsayer in Up Pompeii! used to say. A much underrated show in my opinion, not least because of the range of partially clothed and attractive young women who used to grace the screen in every episode. Bit like Game of Thrones, no need to worry about the plot, just look out for the highlights as you might say. But proper woe and thrice woe round Meadow Park at the moment, three very hurtful defeats in the last three games, including being knocked out of two cups, despite scoring twice in each match. Good deal of bad luck involved, which you can’t do much about, but no doubt also a few things to look at for improvement next season. Not my pay grade to be considering these things and asking the hard questions, but hopefully those in the know will have their thinking caps on. Great efforts and good football for most of the season, but you have to keep trying to improve all the time. "If you snooze you lose" as Lance Armstrong used to say, though I don’t think the bosses at Meadow Park will be reaching for the keys to the pharmacy cabinet and the large needles, as Lance used to; allegedly. To be fair he also said “It's not about the bike” which is certainly spot on as far as football is concerned, so maybe he wasn’t the villain he has been painted, although I think he was.

Anyway a lot of football still to play, got to try and finish well and go again in good shape next season. The last couple of seasons, especially this one, have got the club more publicity than ever before, and we need to build on it. A couple of signs would be a good start by the way, most people have no idea where Meadow Park is.

In the wider football world, name a team in the Premier League who you would expect to follow a 4-0 away win with a 4-0 home defeat; well done everybody, 100% correct. Can you credit them? If you think you know how it will all finish I can only recommend avoiding the bookies at all costs, with that lot you have no chance of predicting things.

And speaking of bookies, a hint of spring in the air, and the Cheltenham Festival on the horizon, if you are a racing fan. I hear the club have a bit of a football and Cheltenham preview evening coming up next month. Sounds like a good night, sponsored by a new friend of the club in BlackType, an online bookmakers run by a son of a friend of a friend of RCA if you know what I mean. Some good people doing the talking, both on football and the horses, so get yourself along. Always handy to get some informed advice before you back horses I think; it doesn’t help you win, but it does give you someone to blame when you lose, which is most of the time at Cheltenham. Great sporting event Cheltenham, though no doubt steeplechasing will be banned sometime in the next few years, as it is in most of the USA and all of Australia, on spurious horse welfare grounds. So might as well enjoy it while we can, come on my son!