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Cemetery View - January 2007

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Saturday, 13 June 2009

Happy New Year. Sorry for the lack of a December edition of these post dated musings, but I just got too carried away with the football!

December's four games, three wins, ten goals, and a Boxing Day crowd of over 100 was too much for me, I had to have a long lie down, for a bit of a change. Are the good times back at Meadow Park? Well, at least we can touch the second bottom team now, which was looking a big ask a few weeks ago, although two defeats earlier in the season to that same second bottom team, Alnwick, look like big results now. Who said it's better to go all that way up north in September rather than freeze your b******s off in January? Would we love a trip to nearly-Scotland now? If only, and not as if I would be going, but ancient history.

18 games left, and five points to make up on third bottom as a minimum target. Looks like seven or eight wins at the least from the 18 to me, and the sooner we get them the better. The funny thing is that, although we have a lot of games left against sides at the bottom of the table, Alnwick excepted of course, our best performances and results have come against sides much higher up: five goals in two games against Shields obviously, but a double over Guisborough as well. And everybody else down near the foot is going to be scrapping for their lives just like us, so nothing can be taken for granted, except the need to fight for every loose ball and make every tackle count. But it looks to me as if the boys are up for it. Should make for good entertainment, so maybe we can keep the crowds coming as well. Rumour is the boss is so excited he is talking about getting pies in the clubhouse!