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Boots for Africa

Submitted by Tim Robinson on Monday, 10 May 2010

We've just heard from Alan Powles, Northern League Referees Secretary, about a North East drive to get 1,000 pairs of football boots to Africa. Please read on and help if you can. The key message is: please contact Andy Jennings – 07903 197015 or - or Neil Lonsdale – 07970 472287 or - if you have football boots that you can donate.

With the 2010 World Cup quickly approaching the nation is eagerly anticipating England’s path to glory whilst our national and local domestic football seasons are winding down with most of us looking forward to a well deserved rest.

The World Cup in South Africa will draw the attention of the world's media spot light, but what will be forgotten is the poverty that African countries still endure. For the children of Africa, despite this extreme poverty football is seen as a shining light and is way to forget their daily struggles and enjoy life.

Football has given us so much, whether it is as a fan, an official or even a player, we take so much for granted, our facilities, equipment, balls, strips, even our boots. Boots for Africa is a registered charity set up by Sheffield FC, which offers anyone willing the opportunity to give something that we will only throw away which would mean so much to young African players: your old boots.

Andy Jennings (a local Northern League footballer) and Neil Lonsdale (a Northern League Referee) aim to make a huge difference to aspiring young African footballers by collecting as many used pairs of football boots as possible in the build up to the 2010 World Cup. Andy and Neil will be starting the drive by donating this year’s footwear, which needs to be clean and in good condition, but hope to attract the support of the local FAs, leagues and clubs they are both affiliated to, preside over and play for.

If you feel that you could support this fantastic cause then please get in touch with either Neil or Andy who have 1,000 pairs of boots as their target. We both hope that the boots could go on to give the next Didier Drogba or Michael Essien a privilege they would otherwise never get.

We, Andy and Neil hope to secure your support as a business, county FA, league official, team manager, player or parent who will have the opportunity to either circulate information to your contacts or personally donate boots. We feel this is a great way for the North East’s passionate football community to really give something to aspiring footballers who have nothing.

Please feel free to contact Andy or Neil.

Andy Jennings – 07903 197015 –
Neil Lonsdale – 07970 472287 –

This is with doubt a worthy cause, and that is why I am sending to all Northern League teams and officials, please support this cause and contact Neil, Andy or myself and I will ensure the boots get to them.


Alan Powles

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