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View from the cemetery - August 2017 3

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Thursday, 10 August 2017

I believe I left you in midweek contemplating the wonders of modern Germany as viewed on my latest trip overseas. Did I mention the beer? Think I did, I just like reminding myself. I will report on other points of interest around the continent in later editions. With any luck it will keep me going until Christmas. Anyway back to domestic concerns. All smiles here on the Ryhope meadow at present. A win in the Cup no less and a three points start in the league. Poor crowd the other night, but the atrocious weather probably accounted for a good few who might have turned out. Whatever, the football deserves a better audience, that is for sure. Not sure about giving everybody a goal start mind. Or hitting the woodwork every few minutes to keep it interesting. Three-nil up before half time and cruising is the sort of tension I prefer. Anyway this is nitpicking; looks like a very canny side in the making. Can we keep them all happy? I hope so. These boys might be capable of all kinds, but I can't helping thinking the vultures will be circling if we get on a run. Not to mention the dreaded reorganization looming at season's end, might be wise to just miss out on that! Can't predict these things though, all will be decided on the field, and then in the FA's secret conclaves; we are just pawns in the game.

Sunderland surprised a few last Friday by not folding like a house of cards when they went behind. Attitude was good, even if the quality was maybe not there. Not to get carried away, might still be wise to be cautious. Your correspondent's analysis is as follows: plenty good enough in midfield, not good enough everywhere else, but the manager looks a sensible pick, good luck to him I say. And the rash of Friday and Sunday games is good for us of course, bound to pick up a few down here needing a football fix.