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View from the cemetery - January 2017

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Saturday, 21 January 2017

Seven wins on the bounce, what is going on here? Didn’t look very likely earlier this season, when instead of winning we were contriving to lose games that we controlled from the start, and usually in extra time. Four points dropped against Guisborough? Canny lads and a good club and all that, but really? Getting done 1-0 by Jarrow Roofing when, with nine men for virtually the whole of the second half including an heroic goalkeeper with a broken ankle, we still managed to look much the better side? And there were others. It's a funny old game alright. Still, we seem to be getting our rewards now, and well deserved. The team has gradually gelled over the last two or three months and the spirit and determination is impressive, as is our attacking style, very nice to watch. Too late to do anything too much in the league now except to have a real good finish and get as far up as we can, which is an important target anyway, but the Vase and the League Cup provide a nice distraction. The Mansfield trip was a good laugh I hear, although maybe not for the sophisticated locals of a Wetherby bar. Famous dart player called Gary Anderson was in the bar, or maybe it was mistaken identity, but anyway our lads sang his praises. Until they were asked to vacate the premises anyway.

A long ride out to Newport Pagnell in the Vase 5th round next week. A couple of my mates lived there a good few years back, and at the time it was known to all and sundry as Hanky Panky Pagnell. I hesitate to say why. Our bold lads will be tucked up in bed bright and early on the Friday night before the game of course, but the committee? Now that is another matter.

Good win over at Whickham the other night as well, but their goalie was a bit of a character by all accounts. Many keepers are loud and opinionated, but to be fair most concentrate on matters defensive. Not this bold lad, his advice was available at 150 decibels for any of his team mates who needed it, whether they wanted it or not. He supposedly specialised in team based tactical advice concerning styles of play and attacking options. Given we were 3-0 up inside 20 minutes this might have been a bit superfluous; he might have been better concentrating on his teamwork with his defenders. Still he kept the crowd entertained, and a good result, and a quarter final to look forward to.

And after their little bounce a few weeks back the boys over at the SoL seem to be back in a losing rut. Lot of injuries to be fair but even so, can they do it again this season? Another great escape? It's possible, but you couldn’t be confident, could you? So it might be down to the motley crew at Meadow Park to bring a little sunshine into the lives of the people.