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View from the cemetery - October 2016 - 2

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Thursday, 6 October 2016

From the bottom to the top, as Weller says, or at least from the bottom of the form league up to about fifteenth, which will have to do for now. Decent results in the last two games, and against two real good teams, and including managing to hang onto a lead on Tuesday night, which has not been our speciality this season so far. Never mind, on we go, lets be positive.

And speaking of being positive, ho, ho, I note that Maria Sharapova has had her drugs ban reduced on appeal. No doubt all fair and above board, but it reminds me that when the whole thing first blew up I assumed someone had been trying to drug her in order to shut her up on the tennis court, what a racket the woman makes, ho, ho once more; and I regarded that as a very good thing. But no, the noise wasn’t the problem, it was strictly medical reasons that required her to take industrial quantities of performance enhancing drugs, allegedly. Anyway she will be welcomed back with open arms, because there is nothing quite so exciting as women's tennis, is there? Apart from croquet, obviously.

On the other side of the world an All Black has been spotted entering a toilet at the airport. Which would have been OK, except he had a young lady with him, and was not being as discreet as you might recommend in such a case. He has been banned for one game by the New Zealand Rugby Union, whether for being in the aforementioned toilet too long or not long enough, I’m not sure, and has gone home to “deal with the personal issues arising from the situation.” Which I guess means the missus wasn’t the young lady in question, and wants a word, as she would. They are full of life those All Black lads aren’t they?

And finally the 2018 World Cup qualifiers swing into action this week. The Scots as optimistic as ever, be just their luck to finally qualify when the prize is a fortnight in Siberia, rather than Rio. Wales still confident they are about the fourth best side in the world, so no problem boyo, and Gareth Southgate has four games to make himself England manager, or if not to make himself half a million quid. The trouble some people do have. It will of course end in a crying match as it always does, either by failing to get to Russia, or by realising you wish you had failed to get to Russia when you get there.

I think I will watch this one on the telly.