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Cemetery View - End of season 2006-07

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Saturday, 13 June 2009

So a summer of peace and quiet for us lads up the bank, then back into it next season with the Northern League. Didn't look likely at Christmas did it? Looked like the Wearside League if we were lucky, Northern Alliance if we weren't, and then how long would it have been until the Council found an excuse to turf the club off Meadow Park? Not long I reckon, so there might be some weeping and wailing down the Civic after the big escape!

Funny season all round you might say; pre season last year was OK, good turn out for the Alan Thompson memorial match, and things looked good for a sold season. Then bang, reality bites, with 13 goals shipped in the first two games, players coming and going but little sign of life until November, (more life up here some think). New signs round the ground, fights with the neighbours, a new pie sponsor, chairman takes his leave (but still tries to get in without paying mind), assistant manager spends more time in India than Ryhope, and the manager goes AWOL for a fortnight, leaving the lads listening to the Deft's words of wisdom, and finally Pop gets left behind by some useless b*****d and threatens to pack it in. Players missing through injury, work, holidays ... manager ends up in goal, and club has three points deducted, what was that about?

But through it all some real progress, with a great run of form in the middle of the season really lifting things as players showed what they could do when the inspiration was with them, with good performances by some new faces and some old stalwarts, and from front to back. The Cemetery Lads players of the Year? Well, Mossy was a big boost as soon as he came in, and Si should have got more games up front, Buts is frustrating, but makes them think and Marcel is nearly as cool as his dad. But it looked like everybody had their day, just need more of them and more often. next season has to be better, otherwise this could be the death of me..