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View from the cemetery - September 2016 - 2

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Monday, 12 September 2016

So first off, the Ghostly Gadgie’s musing on the much hyped Manchester derby. Pep v José. My first thoughts? Paul Pogba? Very good running in straight lines with the ball at his feet, not much good at anything else. Well worth the £90 million? Or the most over priced player ever in the transfer market? You decide. City very good, very solid football, and without Agüero at that. De Bruyne looks about twelve, but can play. Not sure about the back line, long ball up and at them I recommend. Although this cynic has previously expressed doubt as to Mr Guardiola’s chances of ever putting a football brain in Sterling’s head, to be fair he seems to have made a decent start, better one is forced to say, than Mr Woy ever managed. As for United? Looks like it will end in a crying match to me, José not the type to mince his words or delay action he thinks necessary. Can’t keep that Rashford boy out for long.

And now back in the real world, otherwise known as the Northern League. Can we start a movement to cut games to 85 minutes please? Would certainly have helped our cause last week. Never mind, we are playing well, and the results will follow the performances eventually. Not that we are complaining, good start, keep going boys. If only a few more would turn up to watch. What is it about South Shields? A famous old club I know, been through hard times, biggest town in England without a league team, etc, etc. But nearly 4,000 through the gates in a week? Looks a bit out of kilter with the rest of us, and particularly us down in the Ryhope metropolis. And the half time queue for the facilities must be something to behold. You may say I am only thinking of the money, and you would be right, very right. Let's spread it around. Can we sell them something or somebody? Actually, I think it is fantastic, and anything which raises the profile of non league football helps us all. For example, I am cheered by the prospect of a good few derby matches for us this season, the Colliery, Red Star, Washy, should help us all a lot with spreading the word, more real footy than Sunderland has ever known I reckon.