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Cemetery View - March 2007

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Saturday, 13 June 2009

Is this what Sir Alex calls squeaky bum time? Good run of results followed by a failure to score goals costing us dear, and now even Alnwick have started to pick up points. Steady ship needed through these last few weeks or it could still be the big drop!

Of course whether anybody goes depends on the antics of the boys at Soho Square; is this new Unibond North going ahead or what? I'm betting it does and, if it does, I'm betting more than the three clubs mentioned so far will get the call to try their luck along the M62 corridor. Good luck to those who go, but what's the odds some will be back soon enough with tales of broke down buses and dodgy pies?

Speaking of broke down buses, I hear the trip back from Penrith was entertaining on Saturday; Red House boys not quite the drinkers they think they are, and scared to have a slash in Hetton in case they got kissed, or worse, by the locals, is the way I heard it. Still a canny point from a long trip out.

The Ernie Armstrong Cup was a big disappointment though, poor display, and more people watching from up here than down in the ground. Ozo was gutted I could tell. More advertising needed I reckon.

Stop press: What happened at Brandon?!?