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View from the cemetery - August 2016 - 3

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Saturday, 27 August 2016

So, off and running with a couple of good wins, nay three wins, in hand already, and maybe a little disappointed not to be unbeaten. Is this RCA? Not our usual start to the season, that's for sure. Long may it continue. And of course the long awaited, fifty years or more, derby with the CW to look forward to on Monday. Monday morning mind, which maybe optimistic in crowd terms, given the likelihood that the residents of these parts will have been celebrating late the night before. But a big day, however many turn out, over 150 years of history between the two clubs and this the first league meeting between the two. Has there ever been a proper cup tie even? Not sure, but no doubt El Queso will know.

But Morpeth first today, always tough, although we did well last season, even though they may have been slightly distracted by thoughts of Wembley. Either way, this game and the next few will certainly give us a good idea where we really stand. Could be a good year.

What of the wider sporting world? The Olympics dominated of late and our bold boys and girls got a well deserved hero’s welcome the other day when they got back from Brazil. Plenty of champers on the plane, and no doubt some high jinks in the cheap seats. Having said that, £5 million a medal looks a bit steep to me. Those posh bikes and rowing boats must be expensive alright. Still, stops the Jamaicans getting them, wouldn’t like to think how fast those lads could go on a ten grand bike. Not my favourite sport though; I was watching telly late at night a week or two ago - yes, this is a very well equipped graveyard - when the BBC chappie said we were going over to the beach volleyball. Two million blokes on sofas all over the country sat up a bit straighter, only to be disappointed when it turned out to be men's beach volleyball. Who knew blokes played in the sand as well.


I have it on good authority, from none other than that celebrated chronicler of all things footy in the village and it's environs, Mr. Joseph Dixon, that there has never been a competitive fixture between the CA and CW.

Rumours, that all leave for officers in the local police force has been cancelled to provide a presence sufficient to cope with the large crowd expected, remain unfounded.