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View from the cemetery - April 2016

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Saturday, 2 April 2016

Tough in the middle innit? What a run of games, who saw that coming? Well, maybe it will focus minds now, there is still a long way to go. Twelve games, lot to play for, and forty one points isn’t enough, that’s for sure.

Some bad luck amongst the various problems, it's true, lots of woodwork hit and some unfortunate dismissals, but one way or another we just can’t get started at the moment. It's a tough life when you give teams an early start. Let's get through the first twenty then have a look is what I recommend. Still, wouldn’t want it to be boring would we? On we go.

Anyway, enough of our petty worries, let's have a look at more national concerns. We haven't given Mr Woy much thought of late, but after Saturday night's miraculous comeback win over Deutschland he and his bold boys were right back in the hearts of the nation. For three days anyway. Handily forgetting we came back from two down, which should have been three. Absurd flights of fancy were the order of the day. One bloke on the telly had us as just about favourites for the Euros as we kicked off against what Ronald Koeman reckons is the worst Dutch team for a generation. But good enough to beat England, mind you. I will be having my usual wager on us staggering out of the qualifying group in second place and then losing in the first knockout game; it's worked often enough in the past, except when they are even worse than I think. I may be wrong.

Much optimism surrounds the fact that we have a lot of young players in the team, a new start many reckon. Conversely, too many bairns who aren't as good as they are cracked up to be is my view. Lots of Spurs players in particular, mostly the same ones who looked very average against a poor Sunderland side at the SoL earlier this year. The big problem is that because nobody can defend in the so called Premier League all the attacking players look good as they drift past non existent marking and scuff one in five of their efforts into the bottom corner. Refresh your memory and watch the Barcelona front threesome convert three out of three tough ones against Arsenal is my advice. Although they are all South Americans of course, some hope after all.