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View from the cemetery - December 2015

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Tuesday, 1 December 2015

People may know that I have pronounced views on the value of Radio Newcastle, its stupid name for a start, and that they are rarely very complimentary. But it can be inadvertently entertaining some days, especially the football coverage. It can happen to anyone, but they had a real afternoon for bloopers on Saturday. Del Boy, he of “The world is our lobster, Rodney”, would have been proud. Listening in for a report on our defeat at West, little chance obviously after they have covered the various Tyneside games, but we live in hope, I caught the end of the Newcastle/Sunderland phone in with a very cheerful Gary Bennett enjoying the woes of the disconsolate assorted radio Mags. John Anderson was trying to be positive but rather spoilt his assessment of the way forward for the good lads of the toon with the advice to Steve McLaren that he needed to “rattle a few feathers” in the Newcastle dressing room. Be worth watching, that. Later he was trumped by someone who claimed he had seen "the net rattled”. Cheered me up anyway.

And I needed cheering up after news of the loss to West Auckland. Outfought on a sticky pitch was the best I heard. It seems to me, looking through the fence, that we have built our success on defending doggedly and taking our chances ruthlessly, backed up with team spirit and will power. A very fine set of attributes, but nothing works all the time, and West's has always been a bit of a bogey ground for us. Never mind, it might prove a good time to end the run. It has been an excellent autumn, with good football, grit and fire, and it is no disgrace to lose every now and then. Once every three months sounds decent to me.

Some dispute over the length of the unbeaten run mind, some seem to think that getting beat on pens doesn’t count. Have a look at the draw for the next round is what I say. Nit picking though, pick yourself up, dust yourself down, and start all over again. So endeth the sermon today. A good run of tough home games coming up, I will favour you with my views on the performances, whether you want them or not, let's hope it is all sunshine and light.

And finally of course, a word on my old mate Andy Murray and his one man win of the Davis Cup. Hats off to the lad, great effort, old Fred will be proud. Still got my views on tennis though, like Radio Mag....