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View from the cemetery - October 2015 - 3

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Monday, 19 October 2015

Obviously the world is a bit short of news this week, what with not much in the way of wars and murders and political shenanigans to worry about, so the old story about the price of football, or what they really mean, the price of Premier League football, rears its head again. Nothing much new to report, usual stuff, price of tickets, tea and hot dogs a disgrace, driving the genuine fans away, etc, etc, etc. But one bit did catch my attention; the price of a full adult replica kit from Man Utd for this season is now a touch over £100. The most expensive in the league, which is no surprise, being there are few to match the red devils when it comes to fleecing the punters, allegedly. So, what sort of dipstick pays £100 for an adult replica kit? In fact what kind of dipstick buys an adult replica kit anyway? Including, and a nice touch this, the socks? Well, as any TV match will show you, a cast of thousands, that's who. But many have old strips from years gone by, and presumably very few have the shorts on under their jeans. Or so you would think. But clearly some are a bit more hard line than the common fan. Is there a club for really dedicated replica shirt wearers? Do they have meetings? Is it a complete no no to turn up without the socks? Maybe. Anyway, if you want an RCA replica shirt, just call in the clubhouse, bound to be something lying about...

Back to our local concerns. I see the club are offering seats on the team bus for the Vase trip to Silsden. Hands up if you know where Silsden is? Thought not. Between Skipton and Keighley I am reliably informed. A nice ride out of a Saturday. I would get yourself booked in if I was you. I can't get as you know, if only. No more than a couple of hours down the road, plenty of decent hostelries en route, good chance of a few pints in Harrogate on the way back I'm reliably informed, and looks like a nice little town. The game takes place at the Angel Telecom Stadium, which sounds posh. And the club runs an impressive number of teams at all ages. So all in all, sounds like fun, although a tough match for the lads. Be nice to keep it going. The little Vase run last year got a lot of people enthused about the club, even if not too many more come to the games. But never mind that will change I'm sure, even if it means the view from over the fence may be a little obscured. Kindly move along there gentlemen...


I reckon that everyone going to Silsden, be given one of those spare shirts which are allegedly lying around in the clubhouse, and wear them at the game. I always preferred the old half 'n' half strip, mesen. Over to you Defty!