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View from the cemetery - October 2015 - 2

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Exciting games in the qualifying for the Euro's this last week. Superb effort by the Northern Irish, equally good qualification from the Welsh, on the back of a solid defeat, and a superb performance by the Republic to beat the Germans, always a popular result.

Sadly not so good by the Scotch, who produced their usual mixture of the sublime and the comical to stagger to failure. Many of my Scottish friends, or should I say both of my Scottish friends, will find it difficult to believe, given the level of cross border abuse they usually attract, but I am very disappointed that they haven't got through. The cheerful hordes supporting their boys no matter what, the regular snatching of defeat from the jaws of victory and the uniquely absurd sight of the self-pitying and drink enhanced masses collapsing across the boulevards of France was something I was looking forward to next summer. They certainly beat the "In-ger-land" faithful of Essex when it comes to supporting their lads. It used to be said of Scousers that you could guarantee two things, one there was always trouble and, two it was never their fault. Nowadays, given Liverpool rarely get to go abroad and Everton don't know where abroad is, this honour tends to fall to In-ger-land, and their battalions from Clacton and Telford and other notable football cities. Shrewsbury for example. They turn up, ignore the locals and their customs and rituals, sing silly songs, get drunk and fall down, often on top of a police officer, and wonder why the first thing they need the next morning is a bail call to their mammies. Happy days. Your principled and completely neutral reporter will be there next June to keep you all informed. All being well of course, lot to go wrong on this side of the fence...