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View from the Cemetery - January 2015

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Wednesday, 7 January 2015

New year, New problems? Doesn't look like it. So now us locally bound fans can't even see the home games? Bit harsh. Although we can see the problem, or problems I should say, it’s easy enough from our viewpoint. Lot of damp, and a lot of tractor marks. Keep hearing optimistic noises, but it looks a small, but persistent problem to me. If we get the drain sorted, can we make the grass grow? Not before May or so methinks. And it has to rain or snow some time. Could be a long running sore this. And not what we need, what with having about a million games in hand of our rivals now. A difficult piece of maths this; do you take six games in hand for a four point deficit? Pretty easy that one, if you don't think you can make up that kind of gap then you are giving up; and even more so eight games in hand for five points. Then it starts to gets interesting. Six games for eight points? Yes, I guess so, if you can't beat a point a game then there isn't much hope either. But moving on, six games for fourteen points? Tough ask, be safe and sound by a long way if we do that. So an interesting little set of scenarios at the very least. The fixtures have a long way to unwind as well. Most of our rivals to play again, and Synners to play twice, could be game changers, and they don't look like they are despairing that’s for sure.

Anyway off we go, with an away day for a home game this week, should be fun, nice place, if you can find your way through the car park. Enjoy it all....