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View from the Cemetery - December 2014 - Part 2

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Friday, 26 December 2014

How sad to miss out on a trip over to Carlisle on the Saturday before Christmas, no doubt have to swap it for a Wednesday night in January, oh joy... [The Ghostly Gadgie is too pessimistic: we are away to Celtic Nation on Saturday, 7 March, 3:00pm kick off.]

Still, who could not be excited by the win in the big game? Some slight compensation for those of us who still follow, at a distance, our City's other club. Four wins off the belt in the most important game in English football for the first time ever. Or is it the most important? Maybe it’s just quite a sad little event between two sides of little account in the game. Only saying. But never mind what the world thinks, we like it, especially when the good lads win. Did I miss it, or did anybody punch a horse?

Christmas is a bit of a blur where football is concerned, you tend to wake up sometime in middle of January saying how did that happen? Well, we were hoping this time around that all our rivals would be thinking soon, where did RCA come from then? Not quite going 100% to plan then, what with losing late on up at Consett, no shame there mind, and now with the Celtic Nation game being off. Just have to regroup, learn the lessons of two hard fought wins in our last three games, contemplate the games in hand and see if this up coming run of home games enables us to get our noses further up the pecking order, if you follow my drift. And plenty of positives to look at as well. Squad slowly getting stronger and both wins, over West Allotment and Penrith needed lots of resolve and hard graft, and there was enough of both on show. And still more than half a season to go. Roll on 2015, a happy and prosperous year to you all, and let’s hope for a successful one on the pitch! Crack on!