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View from the Cemetery - November 2014 - Part 4

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Thursday, 27 November 2014

When I was more mobile my other sporting interest was in the horses. Principally slow horses, although of course I didn't realise they were slow when I backed them. But a little news item the other day reminded me of those happy days. Evidently in a race down at Sedgefield during the week a man waved the wrong flag at some vital moment, and as a consequence of some arcane rule the race was declared void some fifteen minutes after it was all over. And what happens when a race is declared void? Well, all bets, winners or losers, are off and all you have to do is take your ticket back to the bookie or Tote and get your money back. That will be the ticket you threw in the bin or on the floor of course when your horse got beat. Much fun and games ensued I'm told. Bins were upended, floors searched and much weeping and wailing was heard. Wish I'd been there.

But what of the football? A carbon copy of the away league game in the big Vase match with North Shields. A good competitive first half and a much less competitive second, and the same scoreline, 3 - 0 to Shields. Well, I wouldn't have made it to Wembley anyway. Still, two thirds of our league games still to play and a much more cheerful look about the place, so no need to panic. unless you look at the bottom end of the pitch that is. A positive swimming pool. Will the elements spoil our fun this weekend?