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View from the Cemetery - November 2014

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Saturday, 1 November 2014

European football at Meadow Park! Or at least as close to European football as we are likely to come any time soon hereabouts. Sheffield is fairly cosmopolitan I reckon, and it's certainly been a decent ride out for those lads, so what's not to like? Personally I love these games, and from my point of view home is certainly best, although they reckon the trip to Bridlington was a good day out last season. Not for us cemetery lads I'm afraid...

Handsworth Parramore sound like a club on the up, even if by somewhat unorthodox routes sometimes. But good luck to them I say, all adds to the excitement of the old National League System. And an interesting history, from a works team through various mergers and moves to the current set up, with a range of junior teams as well as the senior teams. All sounds good. Whatever happened to our juniors I ask? There were moves to set the under 18's away again for this season I recall, in conjunction with the College, another false dawn? Bit like the saga of the ground lease....

On another note the legendary Kip Watson died this week at 96. Sad day. With a more than fair claim to be one of the founders of over 40's football world wide, not just in the North East, and not just football but organised sport for the more mature generally, Kip was a complete one off, a tireless grafter, and with a fund of stories so improbable they had to be true. Got on well with Mussolini by his account. And long into his eighties still to be found holding court in the Blue Bell most weekends, and a few weekdays as well to be fair. The Sunderland Over 40s League now has 70 odd clubs across the North East, a worthy living memorial to a great football man. A Sunderland hero and his send off will have been quite a do, you can guarantee that.

Rest In Peace Kip.